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2023年高考读后续写模板句素材总结 主题一遇险类读后续写: 步骤一:救人之前的恶劣环境 He saw an airplane flying overhead. But with …




  1. He saw an airplane flying overhead. But with no flashlight, he was invisible in the vast ocean.


  1. He took off his yellow blouse, thinking that she should go to an open area and flagged them if they came back.


  1. She calmed down to keep the rhyme of breathing so that she could breathe evenly.


  1. Patting their faces to wake them up, I continuously told them to be strong.


  1. The thick smoke caused him to stumble blindly around, burned his eyes, and made it impossible to breathe.


  1. He spared no effort to find her, but it was all in vain.他不遗余力地想找到她,但这一切都是徒劳的。
  2. He tried to get on faster, but he could not find the way out of the bush.他想走得更快,但他找不到走出灌木丛的路。
  3. What’s worse, he didn’t have any food or water with him,let alone his cell phone or other supplies (更不要说他的手机和其他日用品). 更糟糕的是,他身上没有任何食物和水,更不用说他的手机或其他用品了。


  1. Exhausted and cold, the thought that we might die here flashed across my mind, which made me quiver with an uncontrollable terror/horror/fright(难以控制地发抖).


  1. He stood silently, tears rolling down his cheeks.他静静地站着,眼泪顺着面颊流了下来。
  2. He turned to me, with his eyes full of horror.他转过身来,眼里充满了恐惧。
  3. Fear flooded over him, which made his face turn pale and stand there tongue-tied.


  1. They sat there with bluelooks on their faces.   他们坐在那里,带着一脸忧郁。
  2. Looking at the vast sea, I felt a sense of fear surging through my whole body.


  1. Watching the shore in the distance, I feltpowerless as if we were broken tiny boats at the mercy of strong waves.



  1. Afraid and merely desperate, she rushed towards him.她害怕而绝望,向他冲去。
  2. He immediately ran out for searching, one of his friendsrunning after him. 他立刻跑出去找,一个人追着他。
  3. Nervous and anxious, Norwood struggled to calm herself down and carried out first aid to Simmons.


  1. Energy returning magically, he rose to his feet and took immediate action.能量神奇地恢复了,他站起来立即采取行动。
  2. They waved theirarms and screamed for help.他们挥舞胳膊,大声呼救。
  3. Suddenly it occurred to us that we could keep to the track to guide us back.But it was getting

darker and darker, thus making it increasingly difficult for us to make out the road.




  1. Ensuringtheir safety, I felt a surge of relief and relaxation . 在他们安全之后,我感到一阵宽慰和放松。
  2. Hearing the news, I couldn’t help holding backmy excitement. 听到这个消息,我抑制不住自己的兴奋。
  3. On hearing the good news, Tom and I sighed in great relief(如释重负地叹了口气), grinning merrily at each other.


  1. The moment she caught sight of the helicopter, a bright smile lit up Jane’s face.


  1. Shejumped with joy and hugged his kids.  她高兴地跳了起来,拥抱了他的孩子们。
  2. In sheer desperation, I finally caught sight of some boats with lifeguards on them heading towards us. Thank you, lord.在绝望中,我终于看到几艘有救生员的船朝我们驶来。谢谢你,主。
  3. Ultimately, we were back, safe and sound(安然无恙)最终,我们平安归来。



  1. “If I had not been given first aid, I would have dead.” Simmons said to Norwood gratefully. Simmons showed her gratitude to Norwood, saying “It was you who came to my aid and saved my life.” 如果我没有得到急救,我就会死了。西蒙斯感激地对诺伍德说。西蒙斯对诺伍德表示了感谢,她说:“是你来帮助我,救了我一命。”
  2. “Thank you for entering my world and I will always remember what you have done for me.” Simmons whispered to Norwood. “谢谢你进入我的世界,我会永远记住你为我所做的。” 西蒙斯对诺伍德说。
  3. Tears filling her eyes, she offered her heartfelt gratitude.她热泪盈眶,表示衷心的感谢。
  4. With tears streaming down her face, sheshowed her sincere appreciation for us.


  1. In a flash, with tears welling up in my eyes, I was touched beyond words(感动得说不出话来). I felt so warm as if there were nine suns in my chest.


  1. I nodded in gratitude, eyes glistening with held-back tears. 我感激地点点头,眼里闪着强忍着的泪水
  2. Now, I was definitely grateful to herfor extending a helping hand(伸出援手). 现在,我非常感激她伸出的援助之手



1.Only then did I realize that it was bravery that can conquer whatever difficulty came in the way.


  1. It was this unique experience that made me understand whatever difficulty we are faced with (= we may face), we mustn’t give up our hope.
    Everyone should learn something about first aid, for every second will count in an emergency.




Pam Bales left her car and stepped onto the snow-covered Jewell Trail. She planned a six-hour hike through New Hampshire’s Mount Washington State Park. The hike up the lower part of Jewell was pleasant. At 8:30 am, still below the tree line, she took the first in a series of on-the-trail selfies.

Less than an hour later, she took another photo, after she’d climbed into colder air and deeper snows. She made her way across the snow-covered ridge toward Mount Washington. Then she noticed something: a single set of footprints in the snow ahead of her. She’d been following faint tracks all day and hadn’t given them much thought, because so many people climb Jewell Trail. But these, she realized, had been made by a pair of trainers, not suitable for hiking on snow.

By 11 am, Bales was getting cold and decided to abandon her plan. The only thing keeping Bales on Gulfside Trail was the trainer tracks in the sonw. As she fought the wind and heavy sleet (雨夹雪), the tracks made a hard left-hand turn off the trail.

Now she alarmed. She was sure the hiker could get through in the ow visibility and was heading straight toward the challenging trails of the Great Gulf Wilderness. Bales stood there, stunned. The temperature and clouds were in a race to find their lowest point, and darkness was mere hours away. She turned to the left and called out, “Hello!” into the frozen fog.

Nothing. She called out again: “Is anybody out there? Do you need help?”

The strong westerly winds carried her voice away. She blew into her rescue whistle. For a fleeting moment she thought she heard someone reply, but it was just the wind playing games with her mind. She stood listening, then turned and walked cautiously in the direction of the single set of tracks. Bales followed the tracks cautiously for 20 to 30 meters. She rounded a slight corner and saw a man sitting motionless.




When she approached him and said hello, he did not react.


After waking the man up, Bales recognized that they had to get out of there soon.


【答案】One possible version:

When she approached him and said hello, he did not react. Taking a deep breath, Bales got closer, checked his pulse and suddenly realized that the man must have passed out. She knew she had to wake him up immediately or the dreadful weather could put him in greater danger. Out of her bag, Bales took a carpet to wrap the man, gave some hot water to him, called out repeatedly and shook him hard. Fortunately, it didn’t take long before the man came to himself.

After waking the man up, Bales recognized that they had to get out of there soon. The wind kept howling with the heavy sleet driving fiercely, and even worse, darkness began to fall. Anxious, Bales struggled to help the man up, supporting his weight and inching along the trail, following the tracks left by her hiking boots. After what seemed like ages, they finally made it to the foot of the mountain. The man was rushed to hospital immediately. Exhausted as she was, Bales felt a wave of happiness welled up inside.




  1. 孤独:①I never made friends easily(从不容易交朋友), and for a time I did little more than get on speaking terms with some boys. 我从来不轻易交朋友,有一段时间,我除了和一些男孩谈笑风生之外,几乎没有做什么。

②The loneliness and grief comes in waves. 孤独和悲伤不断涌上心头。

2.贫穷:I found nothing in my pocket, a fact that seemed like a spear piercing into my heart which started to bleed immediately.


  1. 负罪感:A wave of guilt swept over me(一阵恐惧向我袭来)and I had to admit the fact that I had gone to the movies and that was the real reason why I was late.


  1. 紧张:①She told the teacher the truth , with her heart thumping / pounding/ pumping like a drum(她的心跳得像打鼓一样).她把真相告诉了老师,心怦怦直跳。

②Having paced up and down restlessly(不安地来回走动) in front of the the teacher’s office,  she finally gathered courage and plodded in. 在老师办公室前不安地踱来踱去,她终于鼓起勇气,迈着沉重的步伐地走了进去。

  1. 不自信:①I unknowingly (不知不觉地) avoided interacting (interact) with anyone becauseI was afraid

they’d laugh in my face. 我不自觉地避免与任何人交流,因为我怕他们当面嘲笑我。

② They laughed loudly with Crawley screaming words like “What a finest broken watch!”


6.说谎:“My mother wouldn’t let me bring it,” I lied, desperation boiling inside me.


7.失望:①Overcome with bitter disappointment at his failing to win a prize, he locked himself up in his room. 他对未能获奖感到极度失望,于是把自己锁在房间里。

②Tears from the depths of some divine despair rose in her heart and gathered to her eyes. 极度的失望感从她的内心深处涌起,然后在眼中汇聚成泪水。

③A sense of disappointment flooded in my heart,and hopelessness frequently echoed my brain.


  1. 失败:①The unsuccessful attempts cast a cloud of gloom over our face.这次失败的尝试仿佛一朵乌云笼罩在我们的脸上。


  1. 惊讶:Raising her eyebrows in surprise, Mrs Rossi froze, as if rooted on the ground. 罗西夫人惊讶地扬起眉毛,惊呆了,仿佛定格在那里一样。
  2. 希望:Jayce looked up to him, his eyes sparkling with hope and determination. 杰斯抬起头看着他,眼睛里闪烁着希望和决心。
  3. 悔恨:Though anger, embarrassment and sadness hung heavily in the air, the voice drew me to the awareness of the mistakes I had madewhen I attempted to impress the boys. 尽管愤怒、尴尬和悲伤重重地笼罩在空气中,但这个声音还是让我意识到我在试图给同学留下深刻印象时犯下的错误。
  4. 补救:“What was done was done,” thought I to myself. “What is important now is to do correct things next.”“过去的事过去了,”我心里想。“现在重要的是下一步做正确的事情。”


  1. 喜悦:①My heart was surging wildly, just like the microwaves of a mirror-like lake, and my heart was full of gratitude and pleasure. 我心潮腾涌,就像平如镜的湖泊泛起层层的微波,心里都是感激和喜悦。

②The tears streamed down from my eyes and gently slipped down to my mouth. Nevertheless, when I tasted the sweet tears, I smiled. 泪水从眼眶中流出,轻轻地滑落到嘴边。可是,我尝尝这甜甜的泪,笑了。

2.自我反思:It was carelessness/ pride/ overconfidence that contributed to my failure, which would act as a reminder forever/ which will be rooted in my mind forever. 是粗心/骄傲/过度自信导致我的失败,这也将一直提醒我/ 这会永远刻在我的心里。

3.发挥天赋:Actually, every individual possesses talent. Be brave when you find it and also make efforts. You can create miracles in the end. 事实上,每个人都有天赋。发现它时要勇敢,也要付出努力。最终你会创造奇迹。

4.克服困难:The journey to success is not smooth. It’s full of challenges and difficulties. We should be brave to face them. As long as we don’t give up hope and make every effort to overcome all the difficulties we will surely achieve our goal finally. 通往成功的路不会是一帆风顺的,充满挑战和艰辛。我们要勇敢面对。只要不放弃希望并竭尽全力克服所有困难,我们最终会实现我们的目标。

5.战胜恐惧:Determination and optimism are what it takes to conquer your fear and accomplish your goal.


6.战胜自卑:I smiled as I eventually realized the real source of confidence. Now, I am proud of what I look like and much happier,because I have realized it is your personality that decide who you truly are


7.战胜消极:Attitude is more important than facts for us. we cannot change our past. However .the only thing we can do is hold a positive attitude.态度对我们来说比事实更重要,我们不能改变事实。然而,我唯一能做的就是保持积极的态度。




My adventure short story took place in Nepal, where I did the Mohare Danda Trek — which was no easy feat; however, in my opinion, it is truly one of the best hiking trails in the world. The Mohare Danda is one of Nepal’s newest treks, opened in 2010 as an Eco-trek to help support and develop the Parbat and Myagdi districts.

I’ve always enjoyed such kind of hikes as my friends and I conquer one destination after another. As you gaze upon the mountain peaks, interact with locals, and take in the nature that surrounds you, it’s hard not to feel immense gratitude for such adventures. This is particularly true when we reached the top of Mohare Danda at 3,313 meters (10,869feet) and realized just how far we’d come.

It was a stunning hike, though my first day got off to a difficult start as I found myself violently ill. Ascending(爬升)higher and higher,sweat pouring down my face and my backpack threatening to pull me to the ground, I stopped constantly to gasp for breath and throw up quite a bit — until we reached the high altitude tea house where we’d be staying the night. The accommodation was rough, to say the least, which was a small family-run hotel with squat toilets, spiders, and no showers.

While the group went in for tea, I laid on the ground, nearly crying from the physical pain from the challenging hike and discomfort from the sickness. At that moment, I truly didn’t think I could do it. But then I opened my eyes to the beauty that surrounded me— scattered wild flowers all over the mountains, feasting yaks and buffaloes, high-altitude villages and the stunning terrain of the Annapurna Himalayas, which were the type of beauty you truly can’t find anywhere else —and realized that if I gave up now I’d never forgive myself.

The hotel owner was very kind, who brought me warm water and some medicine. He also suggested that I bring some oxygen just in case, and I did so, which turned out to be life-saving.

注意:1. 续写词数应为150左右;

  1. 请按如下格式在答题卡的相应位置作答。

After a good rest, the illness lessened and I felt eager to experience this hike.


It was at the top of Mohare Danda that I felt breathless again.



In my hundreds of hiking trips, I have never experienced such a difficult situation as now. I have suffered from physical pain, and my willpower has gradually been worn away. However, the kindness of the hotel owner has made me feel like a spring breeze, which has further strengthened my determination to persist in hiking. After hearing that I wanted to continue, the boss and other people in the hotel expressed their support, but in order to ensure my safety, they were willing to continue with me, so we formed a small team and began to march towards the top of the mountain.

At this moment, the sun was falling, and the top of the mountain was golden under the rising sun. Looking at this beautiful scene, I suddenly felt that all the hardships I had experienced before had disappeared at this moment. I had achieved my goals and aspirations. Suddenly, I felt a bit dizzy. I staggered back for a moment, and supported me forcefully with both hands behind my back. I was the hotel owner, and perhaps there was nothing more satisfying for me than now. I had the sense of conquest to climb the top of the mountain, and the sense of fulfillment to be accompanied by friends. These are all my most precious assets.








  1. Overwhelmed by guilt(充满内疚), Asad quickly picked up the wallet and strode to Fahad, “I found it over there, and I think it is yours. ”


  1. Murmuring in a low voice(小声地低语), he dodged Asad’s shining eyes, somehow even not daring to look into them. She now could do nothing but feel the regret burning in her heart.


  1. Ariana nodded, beginning to feel guilty. Ariana点点头,开始感到内疚。



  1. Not knowing what to do(不知道该做什么), he walked out of the classroom and sat on a bench in front of the canteen.


“The best thing you can do for Ashley is to treat her with kindness and sympathy.”When Ariana gave the lunch to Ashley, she saw tears well up in Ashley’s eyes .

“你能为艾希礼做的最好的事就是对她仁慈和同情。”当Ariana 给Ashley吃午饭时,她看到Ashley眼里噙满了泪水。


  1. Because these were the peopleI considered my friends. I broke down in front of her. She apologized. But I felt cheated on. I told her about my decision of not wanting to continue this friendship further(我不再继续这份友谊的决定). We both missed each other. But neither of us wanted to give the last try.


  1. During the trip, we intentionally avoided each other(有意避开彼此). However, I couldn’t help glancing at her when she turned back and I sensed the same.





  1. Blushed, shebroke the silence(打破沉默), “I am sorry again. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” Tears streaming down, she continued, “I should have talked to you earlier.” I stood up and reached out to hug her(伸出手拥抱她), “I am sorry, too. I should have been more generous.”


2.But deep down, we both know all the argument is just about helping us to grow into a better individual instead of enemies.Therefore, we both learned to be tolerant and brave enough to always forgive .

但在内心深处我们都知道所有的争论都是为了帮助我们成长为一个更好的人,而不是敌人。3. 因此,我们都学会了足够忍耐和勇敢去原谅他人。


  1. I’m thrilled to know that we’ll have dinner together. 我很高兴知道我们将一起吃晚饭。

2.Excitement crept over his heart and made him grin from ear to ear.  他非常激动,露齿而笑。

  1. I’m buzzing for the dinner. Imagine, we’re going to drink freely at the airport. 这顿饭使我激动不已。想象一下我们将在机场畅饮。



  1. It was on that very day that Asad made his first friend in the new school, and he truly reckoned the value of sincerity and honesty(明白真诚和诚实的价值)in a relationship.


  1. So as soon as the plane landed I called him and said, “Luke, that was such a wonderful thing you did for me. Thank you.”  “所以,飞机一降落我就打电话给他说,“Luke,你为我做的事太棒了。谢谢你!”
  2. It dawned on me that one loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.


  1. If we really value our friends and friendship, always cherish their presence and show willingness to maintain and nurture the relationship.


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