首页 英语 UNIT 4 ADVERSITY AND COURAGE 综合测评(Word教师用书)-【状元桥·优质课堂】2022-2023学年新教材高中英语选择性必修第三册(人教版2019)

UNIT 4 ADVERSITY AND COURAGE 综合测评(Word教师用书)-【状元桥·优质课堂】2022-2023学年新教材高中英语选择性必修第三册(人教版2019)

UNIT 4 综合测评 (总分:150分    时间:120分钟) (见学生用书P251) 第一部分 听力(共两节,满分30分) 第一节(共5小题;每小题1.5分,满分7.5分) …

UNIT 4 综合测评

(总分:150分    时间:120分钟)


第一部分 听力(共两节,满分30分)


1.Where will the woman go?

A.To a hotel.

B.To the man’s house.

C.To a supermarket.

答案 C

2.What does the man mean?

A.The price tag of the tennis shoes is missing.

B.The woman should buy a pair of hiking shoes.

C.The tennis shoes are not so expensive as the woman thinks.

答案 C

3.How does the man suggest the woman go to Bali?

A.By air. B.By ship.

C.By train.

答案 A

4.What does the man suggest the woman do?

A.Do some exercise.

B.Take a short shower.

C.Have a rest.

答案 B

5.What are the speakers mainly talking about?

A.A robbery.  

B.A newspaper.  

C.A supermarket.

答案 A



6.Where does the conversation probably take place?

A.At a hotel.

B.At the customs.

C.At a travel agency.

答案 A

7.Why does the woman want to keep the man’s passport?

A.To follow the practice.

B.To record the details later.

C.To make a copy of it.

答案 B


8.What is the probable relationship between the speakers?

A.Brother and sister.

B.Teacher and student.

C.Father and daughter.

答案 A

9.What is the woman’s attitude towards the man’s idea?

A.Interested. B.Uncertain.


答案 C

10.Where are the speakers?

A.In Austria. B.In America.

C.In Australia.

答案 C


11.What does the man think of the movie?

A.It’s amazing.

B.It’s disappointing.

C.It’s worth watching.

答案 B

12.What made the woman confused about the movie?

A.The plot.

B.The scenery.

C.The special effects.

答案 A

13.What do we know about the woman?

A.She likes going to the theatre.

B.She read a lot before watching the movie.

C.She is familiar with the characters of the movie.

答案 A


14.What does the man think of working here before?

A.Boring. B.Enjoyable.


答案 B

15.How long is the lunch break now?

A.Two hours. B.One hour.

C.Half an hour.

答案 C

16.Why does the man still work here?

A.The salary is good.

B.There are more chances to travel.

C.There are more opportunities to learn new skills.

答案 A

17.What do we know about the man?

A.He works more as a team now.

B.He has worked long in this company.

C.He often goes out with his colleagues after work.

答案 B


18.What is the speaker talking about?

A.His hobbies.

B.The changes of his lifestyle.

C.His photos.

答案 B

19.How many cigarettes did the speaker use to smoke a day?

A.About 2. B.About 18.

C.About 20.

答案 C

20.What helped the speaker calm down a lot?

A.Work. B.Marriage.


答案 B



Text 1

M:Was your house rented out?Would it be convenient to see the room now?

W:Could you come later?I’m going to the supermarket now.

Text 2

W:Look! How expensive the tennis shoes are!

M:I think you might be mistaken.The price tag is for the hiking shoes above.

Text 3

W:I want to go to Bali by ship.

M:Why?That’s crazy.A ship’s too slow.Fly.

W:A plane is too fast.I want to relax on a ship for a few days.

M:Well,have a nice slow ship.

Text 4

M:Ah! It feels great to get some exercise.

W:Ugh…I’m so tired.I’m going to take a long,hot shower.

M:Oh,well,try not to make it too long.We use too much water every day.We should save water.

Text 5

W:Is there any important information?

M:The supermarket at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Park Street was robbed this afternoon.

W:Oh,really?Is there any clue about it?

M:It’s reported that the robbery is related to one of their guards.


Text 6

W:Would you mind showing me your passport,please?

M:My passport?

W:Yeah,it’s usual practice in South Africa,Sir,to record the passport numbers of guests.

M:Here you are.

W:Thank you.Would you like me to call your room when the passport is ready for collection?

M:What?You want to keep it?

W:It’s just to save time now,Sir.I’m very busy now,you see.I can type the details into the computer later.Or do you mind waiting here now?

M:Yes,I certainly do.I’m tired after that flight and I need a shower and a rest.

W:I understand.Here is your key.You’re in Room 216.Enjoy your stay.

Text 7

M:You know,Evelyn,I’m thinking about doing a course in the United States.I think it’ll help my career.

W:Oh.Well,what’ll you do if Mum and Dad don’t like the idea?

M:Oh,it’s OK.I’ll persuade them.

W:Really?I don’t think Dad will like the idea.And what’ll you do if the course is really difficult?

M:Easy.I’ll get some help from my teachers and other students.

W:You seem very confident.What’ll you do if you don’t like the other students?

M:I’m sure I’ll find a nice American girl!

W:Oh,really! Steve,I don’t think this is a good idea,you know.There are lots of good courses here in Australia.

Text 8

W:Did you like the movie?

M:Mmm…to be frank,I don’t think it was as good as the former ones,even though the scenery was brilliant.How about you?

W:I think the special effects were amazing.But I was a little bit confused,for the plot was too complicated for me.I tried hard to keep track of all the characters and figure out what was going on.

M:Did you read the books before watching the movie?

W:No.Did you?

M:Yes,I have read them all.I think it’s easier to follow for people who are already familiar with the characters.By the way,do you often go to the movies?

W:Yeah.I am a moviegoer and enjoy killing time in the theatre.

Text 9

M:Good morning! I’m Roy Carroll.

W:Hello,Roy.Have a seat.Well,you seem to have the longest service record—seventeen years!

M:That’s right.

W:Well,you’re obviously happy here!

M:I am,yes,although it used to be more fun.

W:Why’s that?

M:Well,it was more sociable.I used to go out more with my colleagues.When I first started here we had very long lunch breaks,sometimes for two hours.Now it’s only thirty minutes.And we all used the gym together.That doesn’t happen much now.

W:Did you use to work more as a team?

M:Yes,we did.We’re more on our own now.I also used to travel a lot more too.They’ve cut down on that.

W:Has anything changed for the better?

M:Yes,there are more opportunities to learn new skills.The money’s much better now.That’s why I’m still here!

Text 10

M:A lot of people don’t believe it when they see pictures of me when I was young,because I used to look really,really different.I used to have quite long hair and wear earrings.I used to play bass in a band.We made a few records and we’d go on tour quite a lot.I got to see the world a bit.I used to be a bit wilder than I am.I’ve really calmed down quite a lot,but when I was eighteen,I’d be out every night,clubbing,dancing,drinking,you know.I used to smoke around twenty a day,but I decided to stop it.It was difficult at the beginning.I tried to cut it down to eight a day.Then I finally stopped two years ago,and took up jogging instead! I think getting married has helped me calm down a lot too.I’m much happier now.

第二部分 阅读(共两节,满分50分)



Amazing lost places around the world


Once the richest town in Africa, today Kolmanskop is sinking into the Namibian desert.The discovery of diamonds here around 100 years ago caused this remote place to experience a boom(繁荣), and in no time at all, an entire town reveal itself out of the sand.Not only was there a hospital, a power plant and a theatre, but also an ice factory and a swimming pool—all in the middle of the desert!

The Aniva lighthouse

Built by the Japanese on a small island between Japan and Russia, the Aniva lighthouse and its island went to the Russians after the Second World War.Though dynamic once, the seven­storey building has lain abandoned for years.Where once noisy diesel(柴油) generators kept the machinery running, today there’s only the sound of waves hitting the rocks.


Houtouwan on Shengshan Island was once home to around 2,000 fishermen and their families.Today most of the people you meet in this Chinese village are tourists.The majority of the inhabitants(居民) left for the mainland in the early 1990s.Reasons for the near total abandonment include shortage of food delivery.

The Igloo Hotel

This resort has never seen a paying guest! The Igloo Hotel in Alaska, US was primarily meant to attract visitors from the nearby Denali National Park.However, the builder didn’t observe official building regulations and also chose a location that was too remote, so the hotel was never completed.The half­finished building however, continues to suffer wind and weather a half a century later.

语篇导读 主题语境:人与社会/历史、社会与文化。本文为应用文,介绍了世界上四个被遗忘的地方。

21.What caused people’s interest in Kolmanskop?


B.The hospital.

C.The theatre.

D.The swimming pool.

答案 A

解析 细节理解题。根据第一段第二句可知,钻石引起了人们对Kolmanskop的兴趣,故选A项。

22.Which of the following was abandoned because of lack of food?


B.The Aniva lighthouse.


D.The Igloo Hotel in Alaska.

答案 C

解析 细节理解题。根据Houtouwan部分最后一句可知,Houtouwan因为缺少食物而被遗弃,故选C项。

23.What’s the biggest difference between The Igloo Hotel and the other three places?

A.It was remote.

B.It was undone.

C.It doesn’t exist now.

D.It has no visitors.

答案 B

解析 细节理解题。根据The Igloo Hotel部分的末句可知,这个旅馆没有完工,故选B项。

UPS(联合包裹) driver Ryan Arens was making his rounds near a pond in Bozeman, Montana, when he heard an unearthly sound.“Like a cry for help,” he told the Dodo.It was December 2019, and about 15 feet from the frozen banks was the source of that cry—a half­submerged brown­and­white wirehaired hound(猎犬), struggling to hold to a thin layer of ice.How she got there no one knows, but an elderly man was already on the scene.He’d entered the pond in a rowboat and was knocked at the ice with a rock to create a path to the dog.It was slow going, and Arens, 44, thought he stood a better chance.

“Animals are my weakness,” he told the Great Falls Tribune, explaining why he stripped(拆开) down to his boxers and socks, even though the temperature was freezing cold, and commandeered the rowboat.

His heart thumping, Arens slid closer to the dog and used the other man’s rock to smash away at the ice.He gave one strong knock and slipped off the boat, crashing into 16 feet of freezing water.

He resurfaced in time to see the dog going under.Using nervous energy to keep warm, he swam about five feet toward her, grabbed hold of her collar, and pulled her to the ice.He then boosted the dog into the boat and slid it back to the shore, where anxious bystanders carried the dog to the home of the rowboat owner, a retired veterinarian.Once in the house himself, Arens jumped into a warm shower with the dog until they both defrosted(解冻).A few more minutes in the pond, the vet told Arens, the dog would have likely suffered cardiac arrest(心脏骤停).

The next day, Arens was back working the same neighborhood when the dog’s owner came over to thank him for saving Sadie.“Would you like to meet her?” he asked.

He opened the door to his pickup(皮卡), and Sadie rushed out.She made a beeline for Arens, leaping on him and bathing him in wet kisses.That special delivery, says Arens, “was the highlight of my UPS career.”

语篇导读 主题语境:人与自我/个人经历。本文为记叙文,讲述了一位汽车司机从冰冷的水中救出一只宠物狗的故事。

24.What does the underlined word “unearthly” most probably mean?

A.Terrifying.    B.Strange.

C.Interesting. D.Pleasant.

答案 B

解析 词句猜测题。根据下文的Like a cry for help(就像求救的呼号)推测,画线词所在词组an unearthly sound意为“一个奇怪的声音”。由此推测画线词与strange意思接近,故选B项。

25.What was an elderly doing when Ryan Arens arrived on the scene?

A.He was skating on the ice.

B.He was rowing in the pond.

C.He was trying to save the dog.

D.He was walking on the path.

答案 C

解析 细节理解题。根据第一段倒数第二、三句可知,瑞恩·阿伦斯到达现场时,一位老人正试图救那只狗,故选C项。

26.What does the third paragraph mainly tell us?

A.Why Arens fell into the water.

B.How Arens rescued the dog.

C.How dangerous it was in freezing water.

D.Who the dog belonged to.

答案 A

解析 段落大意题。 第三段主要介绍了阿伦斯为什么会掉进水里,故选A项。

27.What did Sadie do when its owner opened the door of the pickup?

A.She jumped on him.

B.She kissed him.

C.She ran directly to Arens.

D.She remained still.

答案 C

解析 细节理解题。根据最后一段第一句可知,当它的主人打开卡车门时,桑迪直接跑向阿伦斯,故选C项。

In 1914, Ernest Shackleton and his team left England in a wooden sailing ship called the Endurance, hoping to become the first to cross Antarctica.

But in 1915, the Endurance became trapped over the Weddell Sea.The ice destroyed the Endurance and later sank it.Shackleton and all of his men abandoned the ship and managed to stay alive.Although they failed to complete the expedition, the tale of their long and difficult return is one of the most famous survival stories of all time.

Much was known about the location of the Endurance.The ship’s captain kept accurate records of the ship’s position.The ship’s photographer even took pictures of it as it went down.But the ship, deep in the icy waters near Antarctica, had never been found.

Now, a search team called “Endurance22” located the ship, which was found 1.87 miles below the ocean’s surface, about four miles south of its last known position.The team reports that the ship is in excellent shape.Even though the ship is made of wood and is over 100 years old, it has survived with little damage.Scientists say that the small worms that normally break down wooden objects underwater don’t live in the cold waters around Antarctica.

The Endurance 22 is led by the Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust.The team ran the project from an ice­breaking ship.To locate the Endurance, the team used two underwater robots called Sabertooths which can travel by themselves deep under the sea.What makes them unique is that they can travel under the ice and go where the ship can not.Once the ship was located, the Sabertooths used high­quality cameras and scanners to record the Endurance in detail.

The Endurance 22 plans to create a digital 3D model of the wreck site, using the careful scans they made.This will allow scientists to study the ship in detail without disturbing it.

语篇导读 主题语境:人与社会/历史事件。本文为说明文。1915年,木制帆船“耐力号”被困在厚冰层中,最后沉没。后来一个名叫Endurance 22的搜寻小组宣布找到这艘船,并介绍了寻找它的方法。

28.What can we know about Shackleton?

A.He built the Endurance by himself.

B.He was also a famous photographer.

C.He had a tough journey back home.

D.He crossed Antarctica by the Endurance.

答案 C

解析 细节理解题。根据第二段后两句可知,Shackleton回家的旅途很艰难,故选C项。

29.What helped preserve “the Endurance” well?

A.Fine weather.

B.Cold water.

C.Wood material.

D.Unique structure.

答案 B

解析 推理判断题。根据第四段末句可知,南极洲周围的寒冷的水域里没有分解木制物体的小蠕虫,因此冷水帮助保存了“耐力号”,故选B项。

30.What is special about the Sabertooths?

A.They can repair the ship.

B.They can travel under the ice.

C.They can break ice on the sea.

D.They can take pictures in detail.

答案 B

解析 细节理解题。根据倒数第二段第二、三句可知,Sabertooths可以在冰下行走,故选B项。

31.How will the scientists deal with the discovered Endurance?

A.They will let it remain untouched.

B.They will rebuild it using 3D technology.

C.They will use scanners to record its details.

D.They will do research on creating a model.

答案 A

解析 推理判断题。根据最后一段末句可知,科学家会让“耐力号”保持原样,故选A项。

A big city might not seem like the best place to learn about nature and the environment.But one group in Washington, D.C.is trying to change that.City Blossoms is a non­profit organization, with the aim to bring nature to children who might not otherwise have green spaces.The organization has assisted in creating green spaces at seven elementary schools.

City Blossoms assists schools in creating and caring for the garden.But the gardens are mainly operated by the schools.McNerney partners with schools that already understand the importance of an outdoor education.“It’s a school­run program that City Blossoms is supporting,” McNerney said.“We don’t want it to be a ‘plop and drop’ where it’s seen as a City Blossoms garden and it’s not fully embraced by the community, because that won’t really lead to a sustainable garden program.”

“At the end of the day, we’re not designing these sites,” said Isa Zambrano, who oversees the community gardens for City Blossoms.She helps maintain the community spaces for City Blossoms.“The community designs it.Every garden takes the shape of the community and the culture that exists there.Young children and older adults have gotten involved with the community green spaces,” said Isa.During cooking lessons, for example, people will talk about meals that are special to their culture.

While City Blossoms’ main goal is to teach children, many older families and adults have also gotten involved.The organization holds gardening lessons for all ages.Isa said the pandemic had made people want to spend more time outside experiencing nature.“People have really woken up to the fact that green spaces are really important in our communities,” she added.“They have realized the good that comes from being outdoors and being disconnected from technology,” she explained.

语篇导读 主题语境:人与社会/公益事业与志愿服务。本文为说明文,主要介绍了一个非盈利组织——城市之花(City Blossoms)。

32.What is the original goal of City Blossoms?

A.To develop students’ planting skills.

B.To call for protecting the environment.

C.To allow students to experience nature.

D.To change teenagers’ academic performance.

答案 C

解析 细节理解题。根据第一段第三句可知,City Blossoms最初的目标是:让孩子们感受自然,故选C项。

33.What does the underlined phrase “a ‘plop and drop’” refer to in paragraph 2?

A.An improper course.

B.A school­run garden.

C.An unsustainable garden.

D.A community program.

答案 C

解析 词句猜测题。根据第二段末句可知,McNerney不希望花园是不可持续的,故推知“a plop and drop”表示“一个不可持续的花园”,与An unsustainable garden意义一致,故选C项。

34.What do we know about a community green space in paragraph 3?

A.It helps students only.

B.It is run with joint efforts.

C.It is designed by City Blossoms.

D.It creates a new culture.

答案 B

解析 推理判断题。根据第三段可知,每个花园都呈现出社区和那里存在的文化。幼儿和老年人已经参与了社区的绿色空间,故推知社区绿色空间是在共同努力下运行的,故选B项。

35.What can be a suitable title for the text?

A.Exploring City Gardens

B.Establishing City Blossoms

C.Developing Gardening Lessons

D.Bettering Communities via City Gardens

答案 D

解析 标题归纳题。根据第一段及最后一段可知,文章主要讲述通过建造城市花园改变社区,让市民体验大自然,让社区生活变得更好,故选D项。



Sometimes kids avoid something new or challenging.In this case, thinking through the part they worry about—calmly and with support from parents—can help kids get ready for what’s ahead.Here’s how.

• 36  Do this every day, even if it’s just a few minutes.Do things together that you both enjoy.Go for a walk, cook, eat, play or just hang out.Find ways to smile and laugh together.This keeps the bond(关系) between you strong and positive. 37  

•Ask what’s on their minds. 38  They might not always have a lot to say.And they might not always want to talk about what’s on their minds.But let kids know you’re open to listening and talking any time.

• 39  When kids and teens want to talk, listen with your full attention.Give them time to put their thoughts and feelings into words.Ask questions to hear more.Don’t be too quick to give advice.Let them confide(吐露心声).Listen calmly to what they have to say.

•Help kids learn how to handle things independently.Help them feel capable.Don’t jump in to solve things for them. 40  Support their good ideas.Talk the problems through together.Remind them of times when they tried something new and it went well.Offer to help as needed.

A.Listen with patience.

B.Spend time with them.

C.Offer comfort and understanding.

D.Encourage kids to speak out what they think and feel.

E.And it creates moments for kids to open up naturally.

F.Instead, invite your kids to think about what they can do.

G.Be prepared to listen calmly and always ready to give advice.

语篇导读 主题语境:人与自我/生活与学习。本文为应用文,介绍了几种如何让孩子乐于接受新的事物及挑战的方法。

36.答案 B

解析 总分关系。根据空后两句可知,此空应为空后代词this所指代的动词,B项(花时间和他们在一起)符合语境,故选B项。

37.答案 E

解析 强调关系。根据空前一句可知,此句话说明了花时间和孩子在一起的好处,所以空格处可以进一步说明此举的好处,E项(它也为孩子自然地敞开心扉提供了机会)符合语境,故选E项。

38.答案 D

解析 顺承关系。根据空前一句可知,此段讲述的是让孩子勇敢地说出心里的话,故选D项。

39.答案 A

解析 总分关系。根据本段后两句可知,此段主要讲认真听孩子们吐露心声,不要着急,要有耐心, 故选A项。

40.答案 F

解析 转折关系。根据上下文可知,本段是讲怎样让孩子独立解决问题。F项是上文的顺承,故选F项。

第三部分 语言运用(共两节,满分30分)



Some people wouldn’t be happy about having to work on Mother’s Day weekend.However, I felt pretty  41  when I climbed into the florist delivery van.My own mother was no longer alive to  42  the flowers, so  43  the day of other moms seemed like the best thing to do.

First up on my  44  of deliveries was a nursing home.Someone named Mary was  45  a vase of pink roses from her children.I  46  the name to the nurse on duty.“Roses for Mary?” the nurse said.“Room two twenty­four.Just set them by the  47 .It’s a nice gesture, but sadly she won’t know the flowers are there.” Carrying the vase down the hall to look for Mary, I thought roses like these couldn’t just be set by the window and  48 .

“Happy Mother’s Day, Mary,” I announced.“Your children sent you these  49  flowers.” Mary’s eyes  50  the flowers and slowly she smiled.I  51  my cell phone.I had Mary’s daughter’s  52  on my delivery list.I combed Mary’s short gray hair into place and took a  53  of this loved mother with her roses.“Just look at your mama,” I texted Mary’s daughter.“The roses were a blessing.”

I was a little behind schedule by the time I got back to my van, but it was  54  of it.I had many other deliveries at nursing homes like Mary’s.I took a lot of pictures,  55  a lot of texts and shared a lot of joy.It was a good day!

41.A.lucky B.angry

C.decent D.noble

42.A.purchase B.plant

C.appreciate D.sell

43.A.restoring B.changing

C.turning D.brightening

44.A.diary B.list

C.van D.mind

45.A.moving B.carrying

C.getting D.analysing

46.A.repeated B.announced

C.reported D.required

47.A.window B.room

C.door D.vase

48.A.enjoyed B.forgotten

C.thrown D.stolen

49.A.useful B.desperate

C.beautiful D.expensive

50.A.refused B.followed

C.witnessed D.guided

51.A.set aside B.relied on

C.counted on D.pulled out

52.A.address B.photo

C.wish D.number

53.A.picture B.sight

C.scene D.pose

54.A.worthy B.short

C.certain D.foolish

55.A.bought B.lost

C.sent D.gained

语篇导读 主题语境:人与社会/公益事业与志愿服务。本文为记叙文。作者给养老院的老人送花,并且拍照发给他们的子女。作者拍了很多照片,发了很多短信,也分享了很多快乐。

41.答案 A

解析 根据下文的the day of other moms seemed like the best thing to do可知,作者为自己快要给别人的母亲送花而感到幸运(lucky)。

42.答案 C

解析 根据宾语the flowers可知,此处指欣赏(appreciate)鲜花。

43.答案 D

解析 作者自己的母亲已经不在人世,无法欣赏这些鲜花,所以让其他母亲的一天变得明亮(brighten)似乎是最好的选择。

44.答案 B

解析 根据下文of deliveries was a nursing home可知,此处指作者要去送花的清单,下文delivery list也是提示。

45.答案 C

解析 根据下文可知,一个叫玛丽的人从她的孩子那里收到了(get)一瓶粉红色的玫瑰。

46.答案 B

解析 根据下文的the name to the nurse on duty可知,作者向值班护士报了(announce)名字。

47.答案 A

解析 呼应下文by the window指放在窗边。

48.答案 B

解析 根据上文可知,作者不想把花放在窗边被人遗忘(forgotten)。

49.答案 C

解析 句意:你的孩子送你这些漂亮的花。修饰flowers应用beautiful。

50.答案 B

解析 根据下文可知,玛丽的眼睛顺着(follow)花的方向望去,慢慢地,她笑了。

51.答案 D

解析 根据下文my cell phone可知,作者拿出了(pull out)手机。

52.答案 D

解析 “我”的送货单上有玛丽女儿的电话。根据下文I texted Mary’s daughter可知,作者有玛丽女儿的电话。

53.答案 A

解析 根据下文可推知,作者给这位可爱的母亲和她的玫瑰花照了一张相(picture)。下文I took a lot of pictures也是提示。

54.答案 A

解析 根据下文shared a lot of joy.It…day!可知,作者觉得这是值得的(worthy)。

55.答案 C

解析 根据下文可知,此处指“我”拍了很多照片,发了(sent)很多短信,分享了很多快乐。



Sometimes it seems impossible to beat life’s obstacles(障碍), particularly when you seem to deal with  56 (much) obstacles than your fair share.Even so, you can draw on the strength of others for inspiration and  57 (help) advice, especially those who have gracefully overcome difficulties of their own.

Author and musician Vanessa Leigh Hoffman  58 (realize) the power of her own strength as a teenager when she was undergoing chemotherapy(化疗) while attending school and writing and recording music.

She said people can conquer anything  59  is focused on.Over the course of her life, Hoffman bore both stage three Hodgkin’s disease(霍奇金病)  60  a car accident that left her in a coma(昏迷) for close to two weeks.After the accident, she had to relearn  61 (walk), talk, write, sing and do even the simplest tasks.To help, Hoffman offers some practical insights for  62 (handle) everything, big or small.

Be inspired: Allow your negative experiences to be your inspiration.

Don’t be disheartened: Don’t let the discouraging words of experts, however kindly  63 (offer), limit your potential.

Have  64 (goal): Following your passions and pursuing those things you value most will be  65  easier way to stay motivated to follow through.

语篇导读 主题语境:人与自我/做人与做事。本文为夹叙夹议文。Vanessa Leigh Hoffman用亲身经历激励身边的人战胜逆境,并给出面对人生逆境的几点建议。

56.more 解析 考查比较等级。根据than和上下文语境可知,设空处应用比较级,故填more。

57.helpful 解析 考查词性转换。空处作定语修饰名词advice,应用形容词形式,故填helpful。

58.realize答案 D

解析 考查时态。根据从句when she was undergoing…可知,空处的动作发生在过去,根据上下文语境判断应用一般过去时,故填realized。

59.that 解析 考查引导词。空处引导限制性定语从句,指代先行词anything,且在从句中作主语,故填that。

60.an答案 D

解析 考查并列连词。both…and…是固定用法,故填and。

61.to walk 解析 考查非谓语动词。relearn to do sth重新学习做某事,为固定搭配。

62.handling 解析 考查非谓语动词。动词作for的宾语,应用动词­ing形式,故填 handling。

63.offere答案 D

解析 考查非谓语动词。空处作后置定语修饰 words of experts,且offer与words之间是逻辑上的动宾关系,故填offered。

64.goals 解析 考查名词的数。goal是可数名词,且前面没有限定词,应用其复数形式,故填goals。

65.an 解析 考查冠词。空处泛指“一种相对简单的方法”,应用不定冠词,且easier的发音是以元音音素开头的,故填an。

第四部分 写作(共两节,满分40分)







One possible version


An English speaking contest will be held next Friday.This is open to students who want to share opinions about courage.To make it fair,native and non­native English speakers will be separated into two groups.The top three of each will be awarded prizes.

Winston Churchill once said, “Fear is a reaction.Courage is a decision.” It is hoped this contest can make us understand what courage is and how it can help.

The office of the Student Council will be open for your application until this Friday afternoon.We hope you will take an active part.

Student Council



It was Saturday.Whether it was sunny or cloudy, hot or cold, I cannot remember it was a Saturday because the mall was packed with people.I was with my mom.Mom is short and skinny.It is easy to overlook her in a crowd simply because she is nothing extraordinary to see.

On that day we walked down the road, taking quick looks at window boutiques(精品店) because we both knew we wouldn’t be buying much, like always.I remember I was looking up at the people we passed as we walked.Ladies wore five­inch heels that clicked importantly on the floor and bright, luxury clothing.An uneasy feeling started to settle in my chest.I tried to push it out, but once it took root it refused to go.It got more unbearable with every second until I could deny it no longer; I was ashamed of my mother.

We were in a high­class neighborhood, I knew that.We lived in a small, overpriced apartment building that hung on to the edge of our county that Mom chose to move to because she knew the schools were good.As I looked at the passers­by and then turned accusing(谴责的) eyes on Mom, I realized for the first time that we didn’t belong there.I could see the heavy lines around Mom’s eyes and mouth.She wore cheap, old clothes, and shoes with the soles(鞋底) worn down.Her eyes were tired from working long hours to make ends meet and her hair was too gray for her age.I looked at her, and I was ashamed.

My mom is nothing extraordinary, yet at that moment she stood out because she was just so plain.Saying I’d meet her at the clothes outlet(专营店) around the corner, I hurried away to the bathroom.I didn’t want to be seen with her, although there was no one important around to see me anyway.When I finally made my way to the outlet with hesitant steps, I found that Mom wasn’t there.



One possible version

With no other options, I had to search the other stores in the area for her.I was fearing to return to her side, already feeling the second­hand embarrassment that I’d recently discovered came with being with her.Reluctant and impatient, I was almost running out of my desire to look for her.However, I couldn’t have been more wrong.Mom was standing in the middle of a high­end store, holding a sweater that looked much too expensive.She said, “This will look good on you.Do you want it?”And I almost agreed, carelessly, thoughtlessly.Then I took a closer look at the small, weary woman with a big smile stretching across her narrow face and a sweater in her hands, happy to be giving me something so nice, and my words died in my throat.

I felt like Id been dropped into a cold lake, facing Moms offerthe beautiful sweater.I was stunned as if time froze with tears uncontrollably welling up in my eyes.The expensive sweater on her hands was in marked contrast to the cheap and old clothes on her because she spent her money buying me new ones.She looked so tired and unattractive all the time because she was busy working to provide for me.She had no make­up on because she was just content with me.What was behind her plain appearance was the unconditional love she had for me.Suddenly, Mom was beautiful and extraordinarily wonderful in my eyes.I was no longer ashamed of her, but of myself. “Do you want it?” Mom repeated.“No, thanks.”






[高分句型1] Mom was standing in the middle of a high­end store, holding a sweater that looked much too expensive.(现在分词作状语)

[高分句型2] The expensive sweater on her hands was in marked contrast to the cheap and old clothes on her because she spent her money buying me new ones.(由because引导的原因状语从句)

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