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2023年高考应用文作文素材(建议措施) 专题一 保护环境 一、英语作文中20条保护环境的措施: 1、advocate a low-carbon life  提倡低碳生活 2、Co…


专题一 保护环境


1、advocate a low-carbon life  提倡低碳生活

2、Conserve energy. 节约能源。

3、Reuse paper. 重复使用纸张。

4、sort the garbage  分类垃圾。

5、Repair broken items. 修理破损的物品。

6、Bring your own shopping bags. 自备购物袋。

7、Use towels or handkerchiefs. 使用毛巾或手帕。

8、Donate old books. 捐赠旧书。

9、Take your own bag or backpack. 自备袋子或背包。

10、Reduce packaging waste. 减少包装废弃物。

11、make proper use of water resources  合理利用水资源。

12、fight against pollution  与污染做斗争。

13、Buy fresh foods. 购买新鲜的食物。

14、Recycle newspapers, magazines, and junk mail. 回收报纸、杂志和垃圾邮件。

15、raise the awareness of  提高……的意识

16、Recycle plastic bottles or jugs. 回收塑料瓶罐。

17、Recycle old batteries. 回收旧电池。

18、Recycle leftovers. 回收厨余。

19、Conserve electricity. 节约用电。

20、Use energy-efficient light bulbs. 使用省电灯泡。




Please don’t litter, and throw the garbage into the designated bin.


Advocate garbage classification, changing waste into treasure.


Plant more trees, cutting down less trees. Try to use less disposable items and more durable goods.


Be proud of saving water, turn off the faucet at any time, and don’t let the water flow in vain.


Conveniently turn off the lights to save electricity and keep less pollution.

  • 捡起一些垃圾扔进垃圾箱。Pick up some rubbish and throw it into a dustbin。
  1. 回收废纸或回收瓶。Collect waste paper or bottles for recycling。
  2. 在我们的附近或附近植物树或花。Plant trees or flowers in or near our neighbourhood。
  3. 做一些有益的事情来改善环境。Do something useful to improve the environment。
  4. 面对这种情况,我们应该提高环境保护的意识。

 Faced with this situation,we are supposed to raise the awareness of environmental protection.


专题二 保持身体健康


1.build up one’s strength/body  强身健体

2.take an active part in physical exercise 积极参加体育锻炼

3.take regular exercise  经常锻炼

4.take a positive attitude towards …  对……采取积极的态度

5.have adequate sleep  拥有充足的睡眠

6.physical and mental health  身心健康

7.be of benefit to …  对……有益

8.feel stressed/depressed  感到不安/沮丧

9.relax oneself  自我放松

10.relieve pressure  缓解压力

11.turn to/ask a doctor for help/ advice  看医生

12.keep the balance of nutrition  保持营养平衡



1.When it comes to health, what most people think of first is healthy body.


2.I’d like to remind you that you should put on more clothes when getting up the following morning to protect yourself from cold.我想要提醒你,第二天早晨起床时你应该多穿衣服,以防感冒。

3.It’s necessary for us to keep healthy both physically and mentally.对于我们来说保持身心健康是必要的。

4.In my opinion, doing sports is good for my health, with the advantage of strengthening my body and keeping the illness away.


5.From the above we can draw a conclusion that a healthy body helps to improve the quality of our life.


  • There is no doubt that health is more important than wealth.毫无疑问,健康比财富更重要。
  • As far as I’m concerned,running is not only a good way to build up our body but also can help us relax and relieve the pressure of learning 就我而言,跑步不仅是强身健体的好方法而且有助于我们放松心情,缓解学习压力。



专题三 传统文化

  • 传统文化的好处
  1. appreciate its time-honored development 欣赏某物悠久的历史
  2. have a deeper look into historical events, folk arts and traditional customs深入了解历史事件民俗艺术和传统习俗
  3. feel the combination of tradition and modernity感受传统和现代的融合
  4. be amazed at the wisdom of Chinese people 赞叹中国人民的智慧
  5. be impressed by the brilliance of Chinese civilization为中华文明的灿烂而感到震撼
  6. foster your discrimination in various art forms  培养你对各种艺术形式的鉴赏能力
  7. reach a higher level of artistic thinking 达到更高艺术思维水平
  8. explore the charm of 探索的魅力
  9. broaden one’s horizon/vision开阔眼界
  10. cultivate/nourish/nurture one’ s mind 陶冶情操
  11. refresh one’s mind/brain/get refreshed 提神醒脑,恢复精力
  12. spread the essence of Chinese culture 传播中国文化的精髓
  13. promote cultural diversity 促进文化多样性
  14. enhance cultural confidence 增强文化自信
  15. boost cultural prosperity促进文化繁荣
  16. better carry forward Chinese culture 更好地弘扬中国文化
  17. increase one’s knowledge about Chinese culture增加对中国文化的了解
  • 句子积累
  1. Only when you come to China can you experience Chinese food culture


  1. I hope you can help the students in our class to learn more about English and western traditional cultures,which can increase understanding and help build relationship between us


  1. We all share a joint responsibility to protect and preserve them,not just for ourselves,but for future generations


  1. With the beautiful moon in the sky,we sit together and eat moon cakes and fruits,sharing our stories.


  1. China has the history of more than 5,000 years and we are so proud of the profound culture.


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