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高考语法填空押题 比较级 Wu says memories and emotions run deep in his paintings, and these are far __…



  1. Wu says memories and emotions run deep in his paintings, and these are far __________ (important) than any technical perfection.
  2. Jane got up     (many) later than usual, so she didn’t catch the early bus.


  1. The Grand Canal is the longest and _____________ (old) canal in the world. It forms a vast inland waterway system in China, running from the capital Beijing in the north _____________ Zhejiang Province in the south.
  2. I think one of the_________(easy) ways to make you strong is to exercise more.


  1. (2022 新高考I)Covering (cover) an area about three times____ size of Yellowstone National  Park, the GPNP will be one of the first national parks in the country.
  2. Therefore, the Jade Emperor gave him_______title of Kitchen God since he died in the kitchen, and ordered him to report on the 23rd and 24th day of the 12th lunar month and come back on New Years Eve.
  3. (2022全国甲卷)friend of his, Wu Fan, volunteered to be his companion during the trip.
  4. (2020 年浙江7月) Then, with________rise of science, changes began.
  5. Besides those measures in schools, 47 football training camps have also been built in _________effort to promote the sport among young people.
  6. There are three hollow stone towers in __________centre of the West Lake.
  7. During the Ming Dynasty, _______ official named Tang Su once had dinner with the emperor.


  1. Masterpieces such as Along the River During the Qingming Festival were projected on the roofs, ________ (give) visitors a feeling of walking through time.
  2. Then Niulang flew up to the Heaven with their kids and when the Queen Mother of the West saw him, she grew a line in the sky, _______(keep) Niulang and his wife Zhinü separated.
  3. Since the Chongyang Festival is in the middle of autumn, and chrysanthemums are in full bloom, so _____________(appreciate) chrysanthemums and drinking chrysanthemum wine are popular activities during this time.
  4. Depending on the period of its development, poetry _____________ (date) from the Tang Dynasty can be classified into four groups.
  5. This masterpiece of Ming Dynasty continues to be widely influential, _____________ (remain) a great work of world literature.
  6. Purdy said China is leading the world in central bank digital currency (货币) (CBDC), also _____________ (call) e-CNY or digital yuan.
  7. This is a kingdom _____________ (surround) by breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains, steep glaciers (冰川), clear lakes and thick woods.
  8. _____________ (give) its outstanding architectural achievement and remarkable historical influence, the Great Wall _____________ (list) as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site in 1987, the first of _____________ (it) kind in China.
  9. In addition to architecture, also, the natural environment is being protected, with sewage (污水) _____________ (treat) and new infrastructure being built.
  10. _____________ number of dead and injured will likely increase as rescue workers continue to search through the remains of _____________ (destroy) buildings.
  11. Since the volunteers _____________ (cut) off from the outside world, they had to rely _____________ their body clock to know when _____________ (wake) up, go to sleep and eat.


  1. It has set an example to other museums in our country, most of _____________ seem to be still living in the old days.
  2. Most of the time the whole family will go to the cemeteries(墓地)with something like flowers, food or sacrificial(献祭的)paper, clean up weeds around the tombs __________ pray for family prosperity.
  3. Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, elderly members of society perhaps have looked forward to it the most since the Chongyang Festival has been designated as Senior’s Day, a day _____________ theycan have fun.
  4. After that everything turns into green _____________ is full of vigor.
  5. A bridesmaid passes the tea cup to the couple, _____________ are kneeling on the floor in front of their patents.
  6. The parents are _____________ (seat) in elegant _____________ impressive wooden chairs.
  7. Diners could not tap _____________ push a dish with chopsticks, nor use a chopstick as a fork.
  8. “I know _____________ most people feel about them — scary and fierce, but in fact far from their appearance, they are clever and really friendly to people, ”Leesfield says. She tells what she has done can help change people’s previous beliefs in these sharks, saying that the youth need to get out of the mindset that saving the environment _____________ (be) something that should be “left up to the adults”.
  9. Data _____________ (collect) by the rover shows that the plain contained water during a time _____________ many experts believed Mars to be dry and cold.
  10. With a history of nearly 4o years, the community is home to more than 3,000 households and over 10,000 residents, about 40 percent of _____________ are over 60 years old.


  1. They_____________(met) with no success so far.
  2. The traditional Chinese lunar calendar _____________ (divide) the year into 24 solar terms.
  3. In ancient times, the lack of knowledge about hygiene (卫生) and the difficulty in (get) food made it hard for babies to survive after birth, so the first month _____________ (see) as a major milestone.
  4. Good-natured people are painted relatively simple colors while the make-up of doubtful characters, such as robbers, rebels and alike, _____________ (bear) complex marks.
  5. No one _____________ (reach) the top up to now.
  6. Still _____________ major means of internal communication today, it _____________ (play) an important role in ensuring the prosperity (繁荣) and stability of China over the ages.
  7. Over the years, Hangzhou and Huangshan _____________ (preserve) their unique architecture and local ways of life in old villages, making this area popular with tourists.


  1. Since then, the Double Seventh Festival has long been celebrated in China in honor _____________ the love story of Niulang and Zhinüi.
  2. Its impressive value consists _____________ an ideal combination of thoughts and art.
  3. They know little about keeping a rabbit _____________ a pet, not to mention some expensive rabbits.
  4. China so far has four villages winning the title, _____________ the other two being Yucun village in Zhejiang and Xidi village in Anhui.
  5. Adults even generate new brain cells well into their eighties. However, that doesn’t happen _____________ its own. You have to help this process along.
  6. Home _____________ thousands of overseas Chinese, Jiangmen in south China’s Guangdong Province has a large number of old streets _____________ (feature) ancient Chinese and Western-style buildings.
  7. Visitors flood to the city to see the ballroom, in the hope _____________ meeting the elderly man.
  8. _____________ poverty alleviation(减轻)proceeding and the road system in the village improving, industries such as fish, chicken farming and growing mums have been developed.
  9. The popularity of Chinese ice tea reflects consumer demand ______ emotional value. They need products that can make them feel relaxed. Merchants should grasp the opportunity to offer high-quality products and services for ______ (sustain) development.


  1. Enjoying the beauty of the full moon on this day __________(be) a traditional Chinese custom for __________ (century).
  2. Amy, as well as her brothers, ________ (give) a welcome when returning to the village last week.
  3. Listening to loud music at rock concerts _____ (be) bad for us.
  4. Either your students or Mr. Wang( know) this.


  1. Beijing opera absorbed various elements of its forerunners, such as singing, dancing and acrobatics(杂技), and adapted _____________ (it) in language and style of singing to carter to Beijing audience.
  2. It will take some time to popularize the new travel trend and prices must remain competitive to ensure that the regular tourists can afford _____________ . However, as society _____________ (progress), the rapid rise in incomes and _____________ (high) living standards will see more Chinese searching for experiences that are anything but traditional.


  1. The team was reported _____________ (make) the first in-orbit shift with the three Shenzhou XIV crew members, _____________ had been orbiting the mother planet for nearly six months and flew back to earth within a week following the Shenzhou XV’s _____________ (arrive).
  2. Dating back to the Qin Dynasty, the incense craft and its culture thrived during the Song Dynasty and found wider _____________ (popular) during the Ming and Qing dynasties when it was used to prevent disease, insects, mosquitoes and preserve _____________ (people) health.
  3. Scientists believe climate change, pesticides and _____________ (legal) logging are threatening their very _____________ (exist). But they’re making a comeback.
  4. It is a _____________ (combine) of entertainment and learning and it seems rabbits are _____________ (true) good friends with children.
  5. That is why exercise has been linked with more new ideas and greater _____________ (creative).
  6. And it can be regarded as a model of canyon bridge _____________ (construct), which integrates the cultural elements of Guizhou ethnic minorities _____________ the design of the bridge tower, forming a dynamic overall shape.
  7. The _____________ (discover) of Yellowstone helped characterize America’s identity with its vast, eye-catching scenery.
  8. Being a perfect _____________ (marry) of green initiative and the Olympic spirit, it uses double glass and a hidden division channel _____________ (reduce) the smoke and carbon deposition (沉积).


  1. It is the last pure land _____________ can purify the soul.
  2. It is the first time I(win) since I learnt to play chess.
  3. There’s no need for you(get) up early tomorrow.


  1. _____________ (religion) buildings in the affected areas were opened to provide shelter for people.
  2. When you get back to your desk, make sure you’re sitting up straight with your shoulders back and your neck long. That’s by far the _____________ (simple) way of keeping blood flowing to your brain.
  3. As the global climate _____________ (far) warms, the long-term unfavorable effects and extreme weather events brought about by climate change will pose _____________ increasingly serious threat to China’s economic development. .


  1. Shadow puppets have their own characteristics, but the production procedures of shadow puppets are _____________ (basic) the same.


  1. It is(true) beyond my expectations.
  2. She(shy) nodded her head.



  1. 解析more important;因为横线后有than,故填比较级,又因important是多音节词,所以填more important。
  2. 解析much; much修饰比较级。
  3. 解析oldest;and前后保持一致,and前是longest,所以用最高级。
  4. 解析easiest; one of the+形容词最高级,意思是最…的之一。
  5. 解析the;the size of…的尺寸。
  6. 解析the;the title of…的头衔。
  7. 解析A;a friend of+名词性物主代词…的一个朋友。
  8. 解析the;the rise of…的上升。
  9. 解析an;in an effort to努力…。
  10. 解析the;in the centre of处于…的中心。
  11. 解析an;official官员,该单词是元音o开头,所以用an。
  12. 解析giving,masterpiece与give是主动关系。
  13. 解析keeping,a line和keep是主动关系。
  14. 解析appreciating,and前后保持一致,因为后面有drinking。
  15. 解析dating,poetry和date是主动关系。
  16. 解析remaining,remain是系动词,无被动。
  17. 解析called,CBDC和call是被动关系。
  18. 解析surrounded,后面有by。
  19. 解析Given, was listed, its, given考虑到,the Great Wall与list是被动关系,且为谓语,kind是名词,故用形容词性物主代词its。
  20. 解析being treated,and前后保持一致,因为后面有being built。
  21. 解析A, destroyed, a number of…的数量,destroy与buildings是被动关系。
  22. 解析were cut, on, waking, volunteers和cut是被动关系,rely on 依赖,they与wake是主动关系。
  23. which
  24. and
  25. when
  26. and
  27. who
  28. seated,and
  29. or
  30. how,is
  31. collected,when
  32. whom
  33. have met
  34. divides
  35. getting, was seen
  36. bears
  37. has reached
  38. the, has played
  39. have preserved
  40. of
  41. of
  42. as
  43. with
  44. on
  45. to, featuring
  46. of
  47. with
  48. for, sustainable
  49. is, centuries
  50. 解析was given; give此处为谓语,时态为一般过去时,通过句意可知,Amy应该是被给予欢迎,又因为as well as遵循就远原则,所以填was given。
  51. 解析is; 动名词做主语,谓语动词用单数。
  52. 解析knows; either…or…遵循就近原则,所以know要三单。
  53. itself
  54. them, progresses, higher
  55. to make, who, arrival
  56. popularity, people’s
  57. illegal, existence
  58. combination, truly
  59. creation
  60. construction, into/with
  61. discovery
  62. marriage, to reduce
  63. 解析that, 强调句考点。
  64. 解析have won; It was the first time that …表示“第一次做……”,从句用过去完成时。若主句是一般现在时(is),则从句用现在完成时。
  65. 解析to get; There is no need to do sth.表示“(客观上)没有必要做某事”。
  66. religious
  67. simplest
  68. further, a
  69. 解析
  70. 解析truly; true变成副词要去e加
  71. 解析
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