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Unit 4 History and Traditions 语言点导学案

必修二 Unit 4 History and Traditions Reading and Speaking 1. So what is the difference b…

必修二 Unit 4 History and Traditions

Reading and Speaking

1. So what is the difference between them, if any?(P40)

if any 如果有的话

(1) Will you get a free evening next week? ______ ______, (如果有) let’s have a dinner.

(2) Is everybody feeling cold?_____ ________, (如果不冷) let’s open the window.

(3) _____ _____________, (如果有必要的话) you can turn to me for help.

(4) Please try to find out the differences between the two words. _______ _________, (如果有) speak it out.

2. Finally, in the 20th century, the southern part of Ireland broke away from the UK, which …(P40)

break away(from sb/sth) 脱离;背叛;逃脱

(1) As the President’s car arrived,the crowd _________ _________ loud applause. 

(2) When the news came that the war __________ _________, he decided to serve in the army. 

(3) Close the door and windows carefully to prevent some strangers __________ _____ your house.

3. The four countries that belong to the United Kingdom work together in some areas.  (P40)       

belong  /bɪ’lɒŋ/  vi. 应在(某处);适应 

(1) As is known to us,China is a country _________ _______ developing countries.

(2) When I was back to China, I felt a strong sense of  _____________.

(3) The taxi driver often reminds passengers to take their ______________ when they get off the car.

4. They use the same flag, known as the Union Jack, as well as share the same currency and military defence. (P40)       

defence   /dɪ’fens/  n. 防御;保卫          

(1) We shouldn’t forget the soldiers who died _________ ________ ________ (为了保卫)our country.

(2) I have to say __________ __________ ___________ (为她辩护) that she knew nothing about it beforehand.

(3) Students should be trained to _____________ (defence) themselves against/from some attacks.

  • Almost everywhere you go in the UK,you will be surrounded by evidence of four different groups of people who took over at different times throughout history.(P40)

surround vt.围绕;包围   


Once upon a time,a king who was polite to _____________ countries lived in a castle _____________ by a large forest and having wonderful _______________.

6. One of their great achievements included building towns and roads. (P40)       

achievement  /ə’tʃi:vmənt/  n. 成就;成绩;达到          

I’ve ____________ only half of what I’d hoped to do,so I can not celebrate the ________________ I’ve made although everyone said I should feel a sense of _______________.


7. If you keep your eyes open, you will be surprised to find that you can see both its past and its present. (P41)       

keep your eyes open  留心;留意          

(1) Please keep your eyes open ________ opportunities, for they wait for no one.

(2) I was doing my homework when a bird ________ _______ _________.


  • Linda is a fashionable young girl; she ______ ______ _________ _________ fashion. (对……有鉴赏力)

Listening and talking

1. Judy and I had our car parked in an underground car park near Trafalgar Square, where we could get our car battery charged. (P42)       

 charge  /tʃɑːdʒ/  n. 收费;指控;主管  vt. 收费;控告;充电          

1) I wonder how much you charge __________ your services.

2) The man arrested by the police was charged with stealing.

3) The government will provide education ________ _________ ________ (免费) for students in poor areas.

4) A week later, I volunteered to _______ ________ ________(负责) English study in my class.


5)The company is ______ _______ ___________ ______ Tom when the boss is away.

6)Tom is _____ ___________ ______ the company when the boss is away.

2. When we finally reached the service desk to ask for audio guides, we heard it announced that there were no audio guides left. (P42)       

announce  /ə’naʊns/  vt. 宣布;通知;声称          

1) It has been officially announced that he will pay a second visit to China soon.

3) Then the bell rang, _________________ (announce) the end of the class.

2) After the president made an official_______________________ (announce), she expressed her personal opinion.

3. It was hard to approach the painting as there were so many people around. (P42)        

approach  vt.接近;                                                

1) ________________ (approach) the vehicle,they saw that a woman was trying to get out of the broken window.

2) With the Spring Festival _________________, some students are getting more and more excited.

3) What’s the best way of approaching this problem?

4) All the approaches ______ the airport were blocked by the police.

5) Facing up to your problems rather than running away from them is the best approach to _______________ (work) things out.

4. They watched over the lake with their cameras and binoculars, which were positioned on the hill. (P42)       

position  /pə’zɪʃn/                                                      

1) Large television screens were positioned at either end of the stadium.

2) From his position on the top of the mountain, he had a good view of the harbour.

3) Why do you think you are the right one for this position?

4) The principal took the position that students should have enough exercise.

5. I was eager/surprised to see/learn/hear that … (P43)       

eager  /’iːgə(r)/  adj. 热切的 ;渴望的

1) 老师因班级里的每一位学生都渴望知识而感到欣慰。

The teacher is glad that everyone in his class _____ __________ _____ knowledge.

2) 我不知道他为什么急着要我和他一起去图书馆。

I wonder why he was eager ____ _______ _______ ______ to the library with him.

3) We students are eager __________ the summer camp should start early.

4) I wasn’t able to hide my ________________ (eager) when I asked, “What do you wish me to do now?”.

  • The peaceful landscape of the “Emerald Isle” and its many green counties is a true feast for the eyes, with its rolling green hills dotted with sheep and cattle.(P44)

1) 她来到了一个两岸长着绿草红花的小河边。

She came to a river with green grass and red flowers on both sides.

2) 有这个男孩带路,我们找到他的家没有困难。

With the boy ___________ (lead) the way,we had no difficulty in finding his home.

3) 由于钥匙丢了,他只好在门外等。

With the key __________ (lose), he had to wait outside the door.

4) 有那么多工作要做,我没有时间去度假。

With so much work __________ (do), I have no time for a holiday.

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